Apex fans are wondering if a mysterious creature is a Loba teaser

A wolf-like creature was seen running through World’s Edge and no one knows what it is.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ season four just got a new mystery. After the sinister build-up to Revenant, a player has spotted a cryptic, wolf-like creature prowling through World’s Edge, and no one has a definitive answer for what it could be. The video was shared in a removed Reddit post, but Twitter users managed to save the footage.

The clip shows a squad rummaging through the Planet Harvester in World’s Edge when the small, mysterious critter appears on the top right of the frame over a walkway. It looks suspiciously like a wolf, and players speculated it could be a new in-game teaser for the upcoming character, Loba.

Fans were quick to jump to theories on what it could be. Some were staunch defenders that it’s a wolf and supposed to be a teaser for Loba, but others were more skeptical. It could be a wide array of things, including a Wraith’s cape, one of Bloodhound’s crows, and an invisible Bangalore, but the mystery still looms.

Why it might be a Loba teaser

Loba is reportedly one of the next characters to join Apex. The name “Loba” is Portuguese for “female wolf,” and the lupine motif could be recurrent in her character. She was likely teased during Revenant’s character trailer as the orphaned daughter of Marcos Andrade, killed by the legend in the animation, and received a wolf’s head ornament as a gift from her father.

To build upon that theory, players have also reported hearing howls and growls in some parts of World’s Edge. One Redditor in particular noted hearing howls consistently in Train Yard. It’s possible, though unlikely, that it could be an elaborate teaser.

Why it could be something else

In spite of the community’s enthusiasm for the teaser idea, there are plenty of alternative theories that touch on why it could be something else.

It could be just a Wraith trying to escape. The legend has a unique running animation that causes her cape to wave into the wind, and it could confuse other players if seen from a distance.

It could also be an invisible Bangalore. A recent bug turns the character’s model invisible when seen from certain distances if a player is using the Apex Overdrive skin. When the glitch is active, the only visible parts of the character are her head and her guns, and the mysterious teaser could be just a Bangalore with an R-99 equipped. This hypothesis is reinforced by the author of the post, who said that “When we went to investigate there was no one up top other than a solo Bangalore hiding.”

Data miner That1MiningGuy said that it’s likely not a teaser. According to him, teasers happen in multiple matches, and the lack of reporting leads him to believe it was an isolated incident, like a glitch.

“If it was a real teaser or easter egg we’d be seeing more videos of it popping up by now – because Respawn doesn’t make them just show up in one game. The server code doesn’t work like that,” he tweeted. He’s also tried (unsuccessfully) to replicate the phenomenon.

There appears to be no definitive solution to the puzzle, and Respawn hasn’t officially pronounced on the issue. For now, the mystery still lingers.