Apex player kills enemy mid-finisher with mobile respawn beacon

Maybe the skies don't belong to Valkyrie.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has room for a series of gimmicky kills that can range from punching enemies to death to a Pathfinder grapple noscope with a Kraber. A video posted to Reddit showed an Apex player killing an enemy Valkyrie mid-finisher by crushing the Winged Avenger with a mobile respawn beacon.

In the clip, the Fuse player engages in a firefight against an enemy team. They traded shots against an opposing Valkyrie, who stripped Fuse of his armor. The player dropped a respawn beacon, presumably for cover and continued the assault.

Respawn beacons, however, take some time to touch the ground, and Fuse took a barrage of Valk’s Swarm Missiles before the beacon landed. The hit slowed the player down just enough for Valkyrie to incapacitate them.

They crawled back while downed, knockdown shield in hand, and moved towards the indicator on the floor showing where the beacon would land. The enemy Valkyrie went for a finisher after Fuse’s knockdown shield soaked up most of the bullets, and the respawn beacon touched the floor as the animation nearly ended—completely crushing the Winged Avenger and saving the Explosives Enthusiast. Fuse didn’t get away with it unscathed, though: an enemy Wattson swooped in and finished the job.

Items that drop from the sky in Apex present a hazard to players in Apex. Lifeline ultimates and care packages can kill enemies with a little bit of preparation, and mobile respawn beacons can also turn enemies into death boxes, even if they’re mid-finisher—though that may require impeccable timing.