Apex player designs fitting heirloom for Caustic

Brass knuckles and Nox Gas combine to make a devastating weapon.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ Caustic is known for his methodical ruthlessness and his trademark gas—and a fan-made concept combined both traits in an heirloom weapon.

A fan created a simple yet deadly device for the Toxic Trapper earlier today. The player designed a pair of Brass Knuckles, but it’s not your ordinary melee weapon.

A skull is positioned in each knuckle, each one with different markings and details. Caustic’s Nox Gas flows from the eye sockets of each skull. The weapon is outfitted with a small reservoir of liquid Nox and the mad scientist can deploy his lethal gas with the touch of a button.

But don’t expect to unleash Nox gas with a single punch. Heirloom sets contain a melee weapon skin, which is entirely cosmetic and doesn’t affect damage or inflict status effects. For the fan-made heirloom, green gas would likely ooze out of the brass knuckles but wouldn’t actually trigger its effect on opponents.

The heirloom fits in with Caustic’s “Strike Three” finisher, in which the legend delivers three punches to his opponent. The item is also compatible with Caustic’s sadistic nature and backstory.

In his previous life as Alexander Nox, the scientist designed pesticide gases and tested it on live test subjects. Once his boss discovered his grievous experiments, Caustic used his signature gas to take his superior’s life. He fled the scene and cut all ties with his previous identity. Alexander Nox is presumed dead but he took the mantle of Caustic and has found several guinea pigs in the Apex Games.

Heirloom sets are the rarest item in Apex. Players have a one-in-500 chance of getting an heirloom set inside an Apex Pack. Opening 500 packs will guarantee an heirloom token, which can be redeemed to get a specific set.