Apex player blasts opponent with non-stop Arc Stars

How did they hit so many?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

There are a lot of fantastic Arc Star plays out there, but few of them are quite as impressive as this one.

Reddit user Important_Emotion_91 shared a clip of their play in Apex Legends, which starts out with a late-game Valkyrie reposition into the Artillery area of Kings Canyon. Important_Emotion_91’s team lands right on top of another group on a high platform and quickly learns that they have a Caustic, making it impossible to stand in the area. Important_Emotion_91 drops down to a lower ledge on Artillery’s wall and tosses a Horizon tactical to float back up, setting the stage for an impressive play.

When they reached the height of the opposing team, Important_Emotion_91 tossed their Horizon ultimate and caught the entire enemy team within its reach. They then flung three Arc Stars in quick succession, all of which struck all three members of the team and brought them down from full shields to dead in a matter of seconds. The impressive play gave Important_Emotion_91 seven kills in total and the clip ends as they’re crowned the kill leader.

In the video, Important_Emotion_91 follows one of the established Horizon strategies, which consists of staying a fairly safe distance away from the enemy team, tossing in her Black Hole ultimate, and throwing as many grenades into the impact area as possible. This often results in at least one knockdown on the enemy team. But in Important_Emotion_91’s case, all three Arc Stars damaged all three players, resulting in one very satisfying team wipe.