Apex Patch 1.16 adds “you’re welcome” button

Just one more way to be polite.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends introduced a number of cool new features in its most recent patch this week, including both the long-awaited Solos mode and a new two-week event. But one feature flew beneath most players’ radars: a new way to say “you’re welcome.”

Whenever a teammate drops equipment or pings an item, players have the option to thank their allies. But now, with the release of Apex’s 1.16 patch, players have the option to respond to their teammates’ expression of gratitude. Whenever an ally thanks a player, a prompt will appear on the user’s screen, and they can then press their platform’s corresponding button to respond to their teammate.

Apex’s new you’re welcome button is just one of many features added to the game with this week’s patch. The Iron Crown Collection event hit the live servers, bringing with it a new map area, nine event skins, and the heavily-requested Solos mode. During the event, players will be able to complete a series of missions to earn an event currency called crowns, which they can use to unlock weapon skins and legend banners from the game’s new event store.

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The Iron Crown Collection event is set to end on Aug. 27, so fans will have approximately two weeks to unlock as many rewards as they can before the loot items are vaulted.