Apex Legends Voidwalker event is now live

Jump in to grab new content, explore Wraith’s town takeover, and try out a limited-time mode.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans eager to live a day in Wraith’s shoes are now one step closer. The Voidwalker event is live, running from today to Sept. 17.

The limited-time event looks to leave the Iron Crown controversy in the past, with new cosmetics, an Armed and Dangerous game mode, and Wraith’s town takeover.

The event’s trailer gives players a first peak into Wraith’s town takeover, which will feature a huge portal in the depths of Singh Labs, where the Interdimensional Skirmisher was being held. The portal transports players miles above the laboratory, where they can skydive out of the sterile prison.

Wraith’s vengeance with Singh, the scientist holding her captive, was revealed yesterday when Respawn gave fans a look into Wraith’s lore with the second installment of the Stories from the Outlands short film.

The trailer also reveals Wraith’s legendary Voidwalker skin, along with new cosmetics for Bangalore and Gibraltar.

Also coming to Kings Canyon is a limited-time mode called Armed and Dangerous, where players will only be able to use sniper rifles and shotguns to shoot their way to first place.

Players behind on their season two Battle Pass can catch up from Sept. 6 to 8 with a Bonus XP Weekend.

Step into the Voidwalker event today where it’ll finally be normal to listen to the voices in your head.