Apex Legends teases Horizon in a mysterious video

The video shows her drone Newt and lots of static.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Horizon left another video in Apex Legends. A mysterious teaser shows that the scientist has a hidden message to the legends — and it’s hardly understandable.

The video shows a distorted image of Horizon’s robotic sidekick, Newt, alongside a short, static-filled voice message. It’s hard to discern what she says, but it could be a reference to Ash’s dialogue in the season five quest, The Broken Ghost.

One part of the message could be “Branthium,” according to data miner Shrugtal, a nod to one of Ash’s lines at the end of the season five quest: “All roads…All roads lead to Branthium,” she says. Still, it’s hard to discern what she says due to the heavy static and lack of closed captioning.

The video is certainly a message from Horizon: the scientist’s robotic companion, Newt, is in clear view of the camera, similar to how it appears in her Firing Range videos.

Popular theories point that Horizon is the season seven legend, and the clues seem to point that way: Horizon presents herself to the legends in a Firing Range video. “All that data you’ve provided us will come in handy… when we face ya in the games,” Horizon says — heavily implying that she’ll set foot in the arenas.

Some data miners, however, maintain that another character could come to the Apex Games in season seven: a flying legend named Valk. She has a handful of code hiding in the game files, but hasn’t made an official appearance so far.

Apex‘s seventh season should start in early-to-mid November, following Respawn’s usual schedule, which gives fans a short wait to see Horizon (or Valk) in action.

Update 6:22 pm CT: Closed Captions confirm that Horizon says “Branthium,” a possible connection with Ash’s dialogue at the end of the season five quest.