Apex Legends’ spooky Fight or Fright Event returns this week with a new mode and horrifying skins


Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

It’s the most terrifying time of the year.

The Fight or Fright Event returns to Apex Legends this week right in time for Halloween, running from Oct. 22 to Nov. 3. The event will feature a new limited-time Shadow Royale mode, as well as spooky challenges and horrifying cosmetics.

An abandoned Kings Canyon is once again the backdrop for the new mode, which is a bit different from last year’s Shadowfall. Instead of dropping in solo, Shadow Squads lets you partake in the nighttime festivities with a team. And as long as there’s one legend still alive, all teammates will remain shadows to seek their living prey.

While shadows can’t use weapons, they’ll get some extra perks to compensate, like increased movement speed and jump height. Data miners found information on the Halloween event earlier in the month, hinting that “shadow pets” may be available to lend deceased players a hand.

Apex fans will be able to snag some of last year’s scary skins, and new “resurrected” versions of them, for legends like Caustic, Bloodhound, Wraith, and Gibraltar.