Apex Legends’ Season Quest kicks off its sixth chapter

The hunt came a little earlier than usual alongside the Lost Treasures Collection Event.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have a new piece of the artifact to track down today. The sixth hunt in the season quest is live and brings players to The Pit to uncover yet another part of the mysterious relic. Once players escape the hunt, they can read the sixth chapter in the story, called The Oblivious Mole.

Last week’s chapter, The Lying Liar, recounted the confrontation between Loba and the rest of the legends. Bangalore exposed that Loba was working alongside Hammond Robotics. Loba wants Revenant’s source code—what allows him to resurrect infinitely—to destroy the simulacrum once and for all. His source code was teleported to a different Hammond Robotics facility after Loba tried to destroy it in the season five launch trailer.

The quest established that Loba met up with the head of Hammond Robotics’ legal department, Cheryl Amacci, to discuss an arrangement. Hammond will hand over the location of Revenant’s source code if Loba builds the artifact for the company. She drafted the help of her fellow legends and tricked them into assembling the relic without letting them know that it was a job for Hammond.

The next story chapter, The Oblivious Mole, may reveal who tipped off Revenant in the quest’s prologue, The Duplicitous Snake. The season quest kicked off with Loba gathering all the legends to talk them into assembling the artifact under the condition that Revenant never hears about it. But one of them revealed these plans to Revenant.

The next part of the quest, however, won’t be here for another week. Although the in-game timer for the next hunt, Return to Skull Town, was set to Thursday, the countdown has since returned to next Tuesday, back to its usual schedule.