Apex Legends’ season 8 gameplay trailer launches on Jan. 26

We're less than 24 hours away from our first taste of Mayhem.

Image via Respawn Entetainment

Apex Legends players are less than 24 hours away from a first look at the mayhem that’s on the way to the battle royale.

The season eight launch trailer is scheduled to release at 10am CT tomorrow, Jan. 26—and it'll likely show off a significant part of the upcoming additions to the game.

The gameplay trailer will also unveil a new addition, Gold Magazines, which are “capable of automatically reloading holstered weapons,” according to the video description on YouTube.

Gameplay trailers usually showcase a series of key elements in the upcoming seasons, including legend abilities, map updates, and new weapons. The season eight trailer likely won't be too different.

Fuse may steal the show when the video drops. Gameplay trailers usually show a preview of the new legend's abilities in action and the upcoming trailer should follow that tradition. Fans may also get a glimpse of his finishers. But he's hardly the only new addition to Apex in the next season.

The 30-30 Repeater Rifle will also earn its own place in the spotlight. Players have been speculating about what role the weapon may fulfill or what type of ammunition it'll use.

Players are bound to see the "obliterated Kings Canyon" during the gameplay trailer after Mad Maggie took down the ceremony ship and blew up the northwest corner of the map. A hidden thumbnail revealed what the new Slum Lakes will look like, but that may not be the only change to the battle royale's first arena.

The trailer will also explain a new addition to the battle royale: Gold Magazines. The new accessory is “capable of automatically reloading holstered weapons,” according to the video description, and can be extremely handy in a firefight. This is the first time that Respawn has mentioned the Gold Magazine, which isn't on the official season eight page at time of writing.

Lastly, the gameplay trailer will showcase a few upcoming skins with the season eight battle pass ahead of the official battle pass preview. The trailer is bound to reveal a few legendary cosmetics, including the final evolving skins at ranks 100 and 110.