Apex Legends’ season 7 launch trailer releases tomorrow

It may show Olympus, Horizon, vehicles, and other novelties coming in the next season.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Players are just one day away from getting a glimpse of what’s coming to Apex Legends. The season seven launch trailer is scheduled to debut tomorrow, Oct. 28, and should contain a preview of what to expect when the next season, Ascension, hits the server on Nov. 4.

The launch trailer should show what Horizon’s abilities look like in-game, give fans a tour of Olympus and a possible map update, and display a vehicle called the Trident, confirmed to land on Olympus when season seven arrives.

The official tweet mentions that World’s Edge is “on the verge of collapse,” possibly due to Hammond Robotics’ extracting activities with the Planet Harvester. The Syndicate needs a new arena for the Apex Games and found it in Olympus.

The cinematic will likely showcase the Olympus landscape and give fans a look at what to expect from the upcoming map. The Trident, a confirmed transport vehicle, should show up in the animation at some point to clear up some of the mystery behind it.

The rocket in World’s Edge could also make an appearance. It started its engines yesterday as part of a season seven teaser and could be related to the ongoing story as a Hammond Robotics initiative to extract minerals from another planet.

Launch trailers can advance the big-picture lore in the Apex universe. The season five cinematic showed Loba’s invasion of the underground facility below Kings Canyon, where she found Revenant’s source code—a turning point for her storyline.

In the trailer, Loba shot at Revenant’s head and teleported it to a secret Hammond facility in Psamathe, the planet where Olympus is located. Loba’s vendetta against Revenant was also the reason behind the season five quest, The Broken Ghost, which introduced Ash to Apex

The seventh season, Ascension, launches on Nov. 4 alongside Apex’s Steam debut.