Apex Legends’ season 5 launch trailer is coming tomorrow

It'll give fans a first look at everything that's new.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ fifth season kicks off in a week, but players will get an official first look at everything that’s coming with it in less than 24 hours. The season five launch trailer will premiere on May 5 at 12pm CT, Respawn announced today.

The season five trailer follows an episode of Stories from the Outlands that shared the origin story of Apex‘s next character, Loba. She was the daughter of Marcos Andrade, a conman and thief who died at the hands of Revenant. She jumped from foster home to foster home, but the system couldn’t help her. She became a thief—“it’s in my blood,” she says—who will likely join the Apex Games as a means to get revenge on the simulacrum who killed her parents.

Leading into season five, Respawn has dropped multiple teasers both in-game and outside of it. Cryptic hints on Twitter point toward a vendetta against Revenant, likely by Loba, while a surprise appearance in the lobby screen gave fans a look at her model.

Last week’s in-game teaser made Loba steal all the loot in the Train Yard Vault, living up to her reputation as one of the best thieves in the Outlands. The character also left her teleporting bracelet behind and allowed players to warp into a mysterious facility in Kings Canyon. It could be a clue for an upcoming map update and it may also be the location mentioned in several keycards.

There’s a mystery running in the background of the build-up to season five, but the launch trailer will likely answer most questions from the Apex community tomorrow.