Apex Legends’ season 5 is live

The battle royale's latest season, Fortune's Favor, kicked off today.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ fifth season reached the servers today and brought significant changes to the battle royale. Respawn introduced fans to Loba, blew up Skull Town and the Thunderdome, and added a season-long quest—a hint of what’s to come with season five, titled Fortune’s Favor.

The latest legend, Loba, describes herself as the best thief in the Outlands. And based on her skills and tools, she’ll likely reign for a long time. Her kit allows her to teleport and quickly scavenge loot from nearby containers— reportedly including death boxes. This makes her a valuable asset to any team, especially in the early stages of a match.

Her Jump Drive bracelet gives her a high amount of mobility. By tossing the device, she can teleport to its location—a handy trick that can be used to engage, escape, or reach high positions. Her passive, Eye for Quality, allows her to see the outline of epic and legendary items through walls, giving her a good map of where to explore.

Loba’s ultimate, the Black Market Boutique, sees the legend set down her signature cane and vacuum nearby loot, creating a useable container with the gear in the area. Each legend can take up to two items from the shop, but be careful when using it. All characters, friendly or enemies, can interact with the boutique, so Loba players must remember to shut it down after they’re done.

King’s Canyon was Apex‘s first map, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t need an overhaul. Loba’s incursion into a Hammond Robotics facility blew Skull Town and the Thunderdome to smithereens, creating a whole new area. The arena also received a handful of new POIs scattered over it, including Charge Towers, ultimate-charging pylons. The devices will fully charge the ultimate of legends in its vicinity, a handy addition to gain an advantage in an engagement. Although all characters benefit from a charged ultimate, instantly charging Loba’s Black Market Boutique can provide players with plenty of loot to kick off a match.

Fortune’s Favor also brought in Apex‘s first PvE Quest, called “The Broken Ghost.” During the season-long mission, players will have to recover nine parts of a mysterious artifact. To unlock each hunt, players must find Treasure Boxes scattered around the arenas of the Apex Games, which can also yield other loot, such as Crafting Materials. The Broken Ghost sets players on small incursions into nighttime King’s Canyon to recover each piece of the artifact, but they’re guarded by Prowlers—the fierce predators on Bloodhound’s Trials that hail from the Titanfall franchise.

Fortune’s Favor kicked off today after Respawn delayed its release by a week. Apex‘s seasons usually last roughly three months, with the exception of its third season, Meltdown, which had its duration extended.