Apex Legends players call for a boycott of the game’s item shop

They want cosmetic item prices to drop.

Apex Legends has problems
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ revenue from in-game purchases dropped to a quarter of what it was in its release month. And if players on Reddit have the power to change that, it may only get worse.

Apex fans are calling for a shop boycott. A player said that the current cosmetics available are “not very attractive” and that their price is high, most of the time around $18. The post also says that the state of the shop “could be a major driving factor of the revenue loss and player decline that has been reported recently.”

“I hate to suggest we hit them in the pocketbook but written and verbal feedback has been completely ignored and we are slowly becoming another fad game that had all the potential in the world to maybe even become one of the top esports competitors around,” the post reads.

Several people who replied wrote that they “can’t really boycott a shop [they’ve] never bought anything from.” These players say that they haven’t bought from the shop because of the high costs, and they don’t intend to buy anything soon unless prices drop.

Some players said they think a shop boycott won’t make Respawn or EA change their prices or how the system works.

“Prices are high because loot boxes exist in the game, it incentivizes you to buy them,” a player wrote. “You either pay a large price for exactly what you want, or you pay a small price and try and get it with luck.”

The current Apex shop features a few weapon and character skins that players can buy with Apex Coins, which are the game’s premium currency. There’s a shop rotation and featured items change every few days. Players can unlock the same items from Apex Packs, which are the loot boxes in the game, or make them with Crafting Metal earned from opening duplicates from packs.

The call for a boycott was on the front page of Apex’s subreddit with several upvotes a few hours after being published.