Apex Legends player uses Spider-Man web-shooter as controller

Peter Parker would be proud of this player's creation.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

If you thought of Spider-Man upon seeing Pathfinder’s grappling hook in Apex Legends, you’re not alone. One player who made the comparison to the web-head has decided to take things a step further—he’s playing the game with a Spider-Man web-shooter toy.

Louis Hamilton was able to modify a Spider-Man web-shooter toy and use it as a controller in Apex. Posting under his username ATwerkinYoshi on Reddit, Hamilton shared a video that showed him using the controller to deploy the grappling hook on Pathfinder. He also gave a brief description of how the controller works.

Image via ATwerkinYoshi on Reddit

According to Hamilton, there’s a gyroscope in the glove that functions as a mouse. This allows him to move his hand in order to shift his field of view and aim. He further modified the toy so that when he presses down on the button that would fire Spider-Man’s web, it activates the character’s ability. This allows Hamilton to deploy his grappling hook on Pathfinder as if he were web-slinging like Spider-Man.

Hamilton admits that the aim isn’t the best on the Frankenstein-like controller—he also said that when a firefight breaks out, he’s essentially only a meat shield. Hamilton even included video footage of him using the controller in a game where he was victorious, but he makes sure to indicate that he was carried by his teammates.

Apex hasn’t even been out for a month yet, but the community is already putting together some insane fan-made creations. If the game carries its popularity into the future as it appears to be doing, hopefully we’ll see even more neat community creations.