Apex Legends player saved from a fall by a friendly Pathfinder

You could say that Pathfinder tossed them a Lifeline.

Apex Legends cheater problem
Image via Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player recently shared a moment in which they were rescued from death by a friendly random teammate.

Reddit user u/MrFeature_1 posted a 30-second gameplay clip showing the indecent. In the clip, they try to use Octane’s Jump Pad to jump over a corner of the map in the Solar Array area of Olympus. Part of Solar Array sits right next to a place where players can tumble into the abyss if they’re not careful. The Octane player attempted to jump over the bottomless pit but didn’t quite make it, landing just short of the outer part of the fence.

The Octane player attempted to continue climbing the wall in hopes of getting back to solid ground, but it was clear they weren’t going to get back up. As they were slipping further down the wall, a Pathfinder going by Shem100 ran over and used his Zipline ultimate over the wall. The Octane player was able to jump up from the wall and zip back up to safety. At the end of the clip, Shem100 can be seen crouch-dancing, presumably conveying “you’re welcome.”

MrFeature_1 noted in the title of their post that they didn’t know Shem100—they were put together randomly via matchmaking. The clip is a great example of how sometimes, matches with random teammates can turn out better than coordinated games with a group of friends. Some commenters said the video made them wish that Apex had an upvote or honor system where players could commend particularly kind or helpful players like Shem100.