Apex Legends player bobs and weaves themselves to a masterful Rampart play

"I love a good party, mate. Best way to show off the gear."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

While Rampart isn’t the strongest character in Apex Legends, one player made her look OP.

Twitch streamer TheLemons showcased an impressive Rampart play on Reddit yesterday, using the Quick Witted Modder’s kit beautifully. Armed with a Volt and a Mastiff, the streamer was able to eliminate numerous incoming threats in a skillful fashion.

The play began with the streamer firing his Volt at an opponent through Amped Cover to boost any outgoing damage by 20 percent. As his target retreated, TheLemons pushed him and finished him off with the Mastiff before also eliminating another enemy who was healing in a corner. Even though one threat was eliminated, another squad showed up for the third party.

The streamer began firing at the enemy team while quickly returning to the loot boxes of the opponents he had just killed, picking up fresh shields to go back into the fray with. TheLemons then deployed multiple Amped Covers to create an impenetrable defense, throwing nades and shooting the assaulters down.

The play then continued when a third team showed up, forcing TheLemons to continue bobbing and weaving through fire. The Rampart player deployed Amped Covers, scaled walls, threw grenades, and switched armors to knock down even more players.

TheLemons’ skillful play even caught the attention of Respawn design director Jason McCord, who commented his awe on the Reddit post. “Jeeeez that was disgusting,” he said. “Awesome plays man. I’m a Rampart main too, but I don’t pull off stuff like that.”

Many consider Rampart to be one of the least effective legends this season. But TheLemons proved what she’s capable of in the right hands.