Apex Legends season 6 micro patch resolves a slew of issues, like Devotion nerfs and Bloodhound’s stretched neck

Respawn will continue to tweak the game throughout the next few weeks.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players can expect a few small changes coming to the game to address problems that have arisen since the start of season six, Respawn announced today. A few glitches involving Rampart’s Amped Wall and turret will be addressed in the patch, and a few other minor legend bugs will also be fixed. 

Some players have experienced issues when using Rampart’s Wall, such as disconnecting from the match or not being able to deploy them properly. Respawn has addressed both of these issues to prevent these annoying problems from impacting players further. 

Rampart’s turret is also being fixed in the small patch. An error that would occur when a player was on Rampart’s turret when it was destroyed has been fixed. Some players experienced Bloodhound’s neck stretching when using the turret, but the disturbing visual bug is now resolved. Respawn is aware of the issue with Lifeline’s Guardian Angel skin and will continue to work on the issue.

Other minor issues, such as players hearing Rampart’s “Boom” finisher across the map and the R-99 kill stat tracker not tracking correctly, have also been fixed. 

A playlist update will be published later today, which has a few significant changes. 

The Devotion’s damage has been reduced from 17 to 16 and will have increased recoil. Respawn said these are quick changes to balance out the weapon but can be adjusted in the future. The spawns for Devotions and Turbochargers have also been reduced. 

The number of gold helmets, backpacks, and knockdown shields has been lowered too, making them incredibly rare. 

These aren’t the only changes coming to Apex, though. Respawn confirmed in the patch notes that more tweaks and changes will be coming in the next few weeks to balance the game further.