Apex Legends’ Gibraltar will get a Twitch Prime skin next week

The Tribal Instinct skin will be available starting June 16.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Gibraltar mains, rejoice! The dome-dropping tank is getting a new Twitch Prime skin, and it’s less than a week away. Eligible players can get their hands on the Tribal Instinct cosmetic starting on June 16.

Apex LegendsTwitch Prime Rewards page shows a preview of the new skin. The visual appears to share a cybernetic theme with Gibraltar’s System Override event skin, with the added details over the legend’s face.

The visual is predominantly purple but has some highly visible accents in neon green, as well as a couple of miscellaneous patterns. Some shapes on his chest and legs, combined with the mechanical bits on Gibraltar’s jaw, create a perceptible contrast in the color palette.

Last May, dataminers uncovered two Twitch Prime skins: one for Gibraltar and another for Bloodhound. The two cosmetics appeared to work as a matching set in their original design but were tweaked before their release.

Early datamined renders of Gibraltar’s skin showed it to have a tan color and plenty of plaid patterns. Its working title, “Inspector Gibraltar,” could be a reference to Sherlock Holmes. Out of the original version, only the plaid pattern remained, which takes up the chest of the Tribal Instinct cosmetic.

According to data mined findings, Bloodhound’s skin is next in the Prime Rewards line after Gibraltar’s launches. The Tracker’s new visual should be available in mid-to-late July, based on Respawn’s Prime Rewards schedule.

Like in previous launches, there will be a brief window when two Twitch Prime Rewards will be available at the same time. Gibraltar’s Tribal Instinct cosmetic lands on June 16, while the latest reward, Loba’s Game Master visual, is on the shelves until June 18. This gives new subscribers an opportunity to snag two prizes for the price of one.