Apex Legends’ first season 10 Arenas event is live

Get ready for new challenges.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A new Arenas Flash Event has begun in Apex Legends alongside today’s small balance patch.

The event, simply titled Arenas Flash Event, runs from Aug. 10 to 17 and awards Crafting Metals, battle pass stars, and loot crates based on the completion of small challenges. As with similar previous events, players can earn rewards by completing these challenges in Arenas matches, though now they have the option to play Arenas’ ranked mode in addition to the usual unranked matches.

Though only this week’s reward progression and challenges are viewable in the game, Twitter user Shrugtal said the first half of season 10 will have a total of three week-long Arenas Flash Events, which includes the one that just began. The next two flash events will reportedly run from Aug. 24 to 31 and from Sept. 7 to 14 and will include additional Crafting Metals, battle pass stars, and loot crates for players to collect. The final event will include a Rare Volt skin called Accepted Theory and a matching Rare Caustic skin called Terrestrial Shell on its prize tracker, according to Shrugtal.

This week’s Flash Event comes alongside a small balance patch that nerfs the Prowler and the L-Star. The Prowler’s damage per bullet was reduced from 15 to 14, while the L-Star’s speed while ADS-ing was also reduced. Both guns’ prices have been raised in Arenas, too.

The promised Seer nerfs won’t arrive with this patch, but the development team said they’ll likely be released next week.