Apex Legends’ first lore book, Pathfinder’s Quest, is available for pre-order

“Everything from dates to new stories to answers will be found here,” according to Manny Hagopian.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ wealth of lore is about to become even richer. Apex‘s first lore book, Pathfinder’s Quest, is available for pre-order and releases on Feb. 2, 2021.

Penned by writers Manny Hagopian, Tom Casiello, and Ashley Reed, the book will guide readers through the MRVN’s search for his creator. Despite what its name might entail, however, the story isn’t just about the lovable robot.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Fans can expect to see the rest of the cast play a role in the developing story. Similar to each season quest, the plot has a protagonist. But other legends can make vital appearances in the narrative, like the Crypto-Wattson-Caustic subplot in the season five quest, The Broken Ghost.

In addition to the appearances of several characters, the events of Pathfinder’s Quest will share important information about the legends, including “shocking news that will catapult their stories into future seasons of the game,” Casiello said.

Pathfinder’s Quest will reveal key information that fans have been wondering about since Apex‘s debut, including “everything from dates to new stories to answers,” according to Hagopian.

The book’s Amazon page describes it as a “full-color, oversized hardcover art book” published by Dark Horse comics, which means that fans can expect a slew of mesmerizing illustrations alongside its share of lore. Respawn previously collaborated with Dark Horse artists to create Apex‘s two latest season quests.

Pathfinder’s Quest is available for pre-order on Amazon for $23.99 (Kindle) and 39.99 (hardcover) and will release officially on Feb. 2, 2021—two days ahead of Apex‘s second anniversary.