Apex Legends fan video turns Pathfinder into Spider-Man

One fan created a video that turns the lovable robot into the Amazing Spider-Man.

Apex Legends looting strats
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Pathfinder is a fan-favorite zipline-slinging robot and, because of his grapple ability, the Apex Legends community has long compared him to Spider-Man. Now, one fan has created a video that actually turns Pathfinder into the popular web-slinger.

A fan posted a video to Reddit that shows the Forward Scout jumping off a skyscraper with the song “What’s Up Danger” from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse playing in the background.

In the video, Pathfinder builds up the courage to dive off a building with the other Apex characters watching from below. The video ends with the computer screen on Pathfinder’s chest glowing with the Spider-Man logo.

This isn’t the first time that Pathfinder has been compared to the web-slinger. Shortly after Apex launched, one fan modified a web-shooter toy and used it as a controller. The controller, which has a gyroscope in the glove that functions as a mouse, allowed him to deploy the grappling hook while he played.

Image via u/ATwerkinYoshi

Another fan had a badge idea for Pathfinder that features Spider-Man’s hand, a grappling hook, and some skulls.

In order to get this proposed badge, a Pathfinder would have to get a knockdown or kill while using the grapple ability.

As Apex continues to inspire creativity from the community, more art on our friendly, neighborhood Pathfinder could be on the way.