Apex Legends fan makes hilarious Caustic and Wattson animation

Who knew Caustic was a model?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends fan made an adorably funny short animation with Wattson and Caustic that features one very silly photoshoot.

Reddit user creedroyce shared the animation, created by Twitter user crappyshoot, to the Apex Legends subreddit. In the 10-second clip, the camera rotates around Wattson and Caustic as she takes pictures of him posing like a model. Caustic strikes a variety of funny poses before running to Wattson to see how the photos turned out, with both of them laughing at the result. From the music to the characters’ animations and the way the camera moves, this short animation packs a ton of personality into just a few seconds.

Fans were appreciative in the comments, with many mentioning how this gives a moment of humor and silliness to Caustic, an otherwise serious and dark character. “This is some lore I can get behind,” said one of the most popular comments, reflecting just how much people enjoyed the animation. In the original tweet of the video, crappyshoot also shared a few “cursed” faces that came out of the animation process, which gives a little insight into how terrifying it can be to work with animated models.

Crappyshoot’s animation is just one of the many pieces of unique art and animation that the Apex community has created since the game’s launch. It’s a testament to the game’s narrative potential that so many fans are interested in creating new stories and situations for its titular legends.