Apex Legends’ error briefly changes season 7 launch date in-game

The new season is still coming on Nov. 4.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players were surprised after opening up the game and seeing a different date in the battle pass counter. The menu’s countdown to season seven showed an extra week—but only for a short period of time.

Due to an unknown error, the season hub briefly showed a different launch date for season seven: Nov. 10, the original date before Respawn pushed the release of the new season forward by a week. Design director Jason McCord confirmed the season would come on Nov. 4.

Fans were surprised by the brief discrepancy, especially so close to the deadline, and speculated that Apex was holding off on the next season to promote a double XP event, as hinted at by game director Chad Grenier.

Respawn silently pushed the season seven release date forward by a week, which took some valuable time from the battle pass. Grenier responded to fans who complained about the lost time and asked for some sort of compensation to help them in the final levels: “We hope to make up the gap [in battle pass progression] with increased XP at the end of the season,” he wrote.

It’s still unclear what caused the date mishap, but Respawn has reportedly fixed most instances of the issue. Some players can still encounter the wrong schedule on the main menu, but with the official confirmation from McCord, there is no doubt that season seven launches on Nov. 4.

Apex‘s next season is bringing in a series of novelties: the new map, Olympus, a new legend called Horizon, and vehicles such as the Trident, alongside a plethora of balancing updates—and everything right on schedule.