Apex Legends drop ship launches player into sky

Avoid drop ships if you want to live.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A drop ship in Apex Legends can be good or bad news for a team. A friendly drop ship returns a teammate to the battlefield and gives the team another shot at victory. An enemy drop ship is returning another opponent that you’ll have to defeat.

An unlucky player discovered today that drop ships can also launch players out of the map if they get in the way.

A user on Reddit uploaded a clip of them colliding with a drop ship in the air. The player was using a jump tower to assist their teammate who just respawned. While flying toward their teammate, the player was hit by the drop ship and launched into the sky. They had no control over their movement and were stuck flying further and further away.  The player confirmed they eventually bounced back to their teammates after flying for two minutes.

This isn’t the first time the glitch has occurred in Apex, though. Another user posted a clip to Reddit showing the same bug occurring when colliding with the drop ship. They weren’t as lucky, though, and eventually dropped back down outside the map and instantly died. Other players in the comments confirmed the glitch has happened in their games with the same results.

This collision glitch isn’t the first issue Apex fans have experienced. Some champions had specific skins that turned them invisible, while another bug allowed players to melee while knocked down.

Players should avoid colliding with drop ships until the issue is fixed.