Apex bug allows player to melee opponents when downed

The fight isn't over so easily.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Being downed in Apex Legends usually puts a stop to the combat. But now, an uncommon bug lets a player use melee attacks even when they’re downed, which doesn’t happen normally in Apex. The player posted a video of the glitch on Reddit last night.

The Wraith player was downed by an enemy Lifeline in the middle of a firefight. But instead of being unable to attack, they were able to punch their opponents at will. The player even got a kill on another downed Lifeline who was unable to fight back.

The particular bug is an intriguingly rare occurrence and it’s unclear what caused it. It might have something to do with how the player was downed, however.

The player was downed shortly after using Wraith’s tactical skill, called Into the Void, which makes the legend immune to incoming damage. But the bullet connected less than a second after using the skill. That part may be explained by connection issues, lag, or the game’s netcode, which can cause incorrect hit registration and cause players to take shots from behind doors or walls.

It’s possible that the bug was caused by the Wraith being incapacitated while their game still counted them as being in the Void. When emerging, the game still treated them as combat-ready. This is pure speculation, but if that is the cause, exploiting it may be tricky.

Regardless of what caused it, Wraith is one of the buggiest legends in Apex mostly because of her tactical skill. A bug allowed her to reload while phased, effectively burning cooldowns to emerge with a loaded gun. Another old bug made its way back to the game following the debut of season four, which negates the cooldown on Wraith’s tactical skill and lets her phase indefinitely.