Apex bug makes Revenant invisible when equipping gold shield

“Ever get the feeling you're not alone in a room? You're not.”

Screengrab via PlayApex

Apex Legends has a new invisibility bug that can turn Revenant completely invisible when equipping a gold shield, according to footage shared by a player.

The video shows Revenant looting a death box and vanishing into thin air as he equips a gold shield. Players can see the gold glow of high-level loot and the HUD also shows him with maximum level armor, but the character disappears, leaving only his two guns in the air.

The bug may be triggered just by equipping a gold shield, which would make it easily exploitable as long as players get their hands on high-level gear. It’s also possible that the bug was an isolated incident since it appears to be the first instance of the error in nearly three weeks of season four.

This isn’t the first invisibility glitch to hit Apex this season. An unintended interaction caused Bangalore to turn nearly invisible when using the Apex Overdrive or Killer B skins, letting players only see her head and guns when at a distance. Respawn hasn’t found a proper fix for the bug yet, but the company has disabled both cosmetics involved in the glitch to avoid players exploiting them.

Revenant was also the target of another bug early into Apex’s fourth season. The character’s model was partially visible through a digital threat sight and players could only see his head and torso.