Respawn disables buggy Bangalore skins in Apex Legends to fix invisibility glitch

The two visuals made player models nearly invisible.

Apex Legends C4
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn disabled two skins for Bangalore in Apex Legends today to prevent a bug that caused models to become invisible.

“We’ve currently disabled the Apex Overdrive and Killer B Bangalore skins as we work through a bug causing her to become temporarily invisible,” a tweet on Apex’s official account reads. “We’ll turn them back on in a future patch once this doggone issue has been fixed.”

A glitch involving the two skins turned player models almost completely invisible, with the exception of their heads and weaponry. This could easily be exploited by players, making it considerably more difficult to hit targets.

Players reported the glitch shortly after the start of Apex’s fourth season on Feb. 4. The bug is also easy to replicate. Unlike intricate glitches that allow players to reload while phased with Wraith, the interaction was triggered just by equipping the cosmetics. Character models turned invisible after a certain distance, which could reportedly vary based on weapon sights.

Players reported that they were unable to equip one of the affected skins hours before the announcement. It’s possible that Respawn pushed a stealthy preliminary fix and only officially announced it after making sure it was working as intended.

The glitch was quickly spotted and became a common topic in the community since the release of season four. It’s possible that Respawn couldn’t find a timely fix for the issue and chose to disable the skins altogether to avoid further exploitation.

Respawn hasn’t specified when the visuals will be back in the game.