Apex Legends crashes if you send a Mirage decoy down the bunker in the story quest

“Server shutting down—Internal server error.”

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The ending of Apex Legends’ season quest takes place inside a hidden bunker in Kings Canyon. But it can end a couple of minutes earlier if you send a Mirage decoy down the hatch—and crash your game in the process.

Players who send a decoy down the hatch will receive an error message as soon as the hologram reaches the bottom of the bunker. “Server shutting down—Internal server error,” the screen reads. Footage of the bug surfaced the day after the quest ended.

The issue only triggers with Mirage’s decoy. Other tactical abilities, such as Gibraltar’s Dome Shield, Bangalore’s Smoke Grenades, or Lifeline’s drone, have no impact on the game and trigger properly. Dot Esports tested the bug and consistently replicated it with the decoy, forcing a server shutdown every time the hologram touched the bottom of the bunker before Mirage jumped into the hatch. 

The cause of the bug is still unclear, but one player hazarded a guess. “The issue is that the area loaded has a specific rule set for the player to follow,” they said. “Decoy goes in and the game attempts to apply said rule set (such as only walking allowed). Game panics because decoy is not the player object itself and it cannot properly apply sequence/rule set.”

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The final chapter of the quest is filled with restrictions. Players can’t use their ultimates and only get a P2020 on spawn, for instance. The issue may come from a conflict with these additional rules.

The Broken Ghost comes to a close inside one of the hidden bunkers in Kings Canyon. Players must enter the structure near Slum Lakes and finish assembling the artifact. It’s hardly the only bunker on the map, however. Four more vaults are scattered over the arena, close to the river that runs through the middle of the map, and players can enter them to hunt for high-quality loot.