Apex Legends could get Duos and Valentine’s Day event next week, data miner says

Shrugtal also leaked that Kings Canyon may make a limited-time return in January.

Grab your most trustworthy friend (or the one with the best aim). Apex Legends’ Valentine’s Day event should take place next week and it could come with a Duos LTM, according to data miner Shrugtal. He also said that Kings Canyon could make a short-lived return further into the month.

The game files indicate that the Valentine’s Day event will be hosted from Feb. 12 to 19, according to Shrugtal. The data miner also uncovered mentions of a “2XP duos with friends” mode and it’s likely that the limited-time event could bring a temporary duos mode for its duration. It’s unclear how the mode will work and if the double XP is subject to specific criteria, such as playing with someone on your friends list.

Shrugtal also mentioned a possible return of Kings Canyon in late February. The game files mention “Canyonlands,” which is in-game code for Apex’s first map, according to Shrugtal. Players might be able to dive into the arena as it was at launch before it experienced a series of changes over the seasons.

“It’s possible that the King’s Canyon LTM is the pre-season map. Given that the map listed lacks the mu1 suffix,” he said. “But I can’t say for sure.”

The Valentine’s Day event was expected by parts of the community. Respawn held a similar event last year and awarded players with a badge for respawning two teammates. Data miners found a list of elements related to the novelty.

Data miner iLootGames uncovered a series of Valentine’s Day-inspired quips to be used in the game. Some, like “Mirage à trois,” are easy to identify, but others could belong to different legends.

ILootGames also revealed two gun charms and a banner badge related to the event. They include a cupid version of Pathfinder, a smitten version of Nessie with hearts for eyes and a rose in her mouth, and a badge that displays the same Nessie on players’ banners. It’s unclear if they’ll be unlockable through regular progression or if they’ll be available exclusively in the in-game store.

The Valentine’s Day event was also one of the hints toward Revenant’s release since data miners allegedly uncovered event quips for him before his official announcement.

Despite the mentions of the event in the game files, Respawn hasn’t made an official statement regarding the Valentine’s Day event or the temporary introduction of Kings Canyon in February. Developers have confirmed that the map is officially coming back in late March for the second split of season four, however.