Apex Legends community gives Skull Town a ‘proper send-off’ using Wattson fences

Thanks for the memories.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Rest in peace, Skull Town.

Apex Legends season five is bringing some big changes to Kings Canyon, blowing up the fan-favorite Skull Town and replacing it with new drop spots. And while fans may be disappointed by the news, data miner The Gaming Merchant brought the community together today to give the location a proper send-off.

The Gaming Merchant orchestrated a going-away party for Skull Town, inviting fans to participate in the farewell. The soirée started with a full lobby dropping on the desert town to admire the large skeleton.

Then a group of Wattson players started writing a message using her electrified fences: ”RIP Skull Town.” The heartfelt note was the perfect way to pay tribute to Kings Canyon, which will be destroyed on May 12.

The send-off ended with a lobby-wide party on the Mirage Voyage, with legends hanging in the jacuzzi or dancing along the Mirage decoys. And The Gaming Merchant used that as an opportunity to address the crowd and deliver a beautiful tribute to Skull Town.

“I brought you all here today because it’s a very special occasion,” the data miner said. “The place we grew up is going to be taken from our hands… So take this moment to remember the old, and welcome the new.”

Farewell, Skull Town. Farewell.