Apex Legends’ Black Friday sale brings Wraith’s Airship Assassin and Octane’s Laughing Fool back to the store

Airship Assassin is one of Wraith's rarest visuals.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Black Friday sale kicked off today with one of the battle royale’s most cherished skins. Wraith’s Airship Assassin cosmetic will make an appearance in the in-game store for the first time in over a year.

The Black Friday sale also marks the return of Octane’s Laughing Fool visual. Both cosmetics will be available for purchase between Nov. 24 and Dec. 1.

Airship Assassin is one of the rarest Wraith skins in Apex. Wraith players have long anticipated its return and now they finally have a short amount of time to grab the cosmetic.

Airship Assassin is a recolor of the Void Specialist visual, which means that players must acquire the original skin (for 1,200 Crafting Metals or 900 Apex Coins) before spending 6,500 Legend Tokens on the recolor.

Another returning skin is Octane’s Laughing Fool visual, which dresses Apex‘s daredevil like a jester. The outfit is complete with a jester hat, chest armor, and a quilted pattern on his legs. The Laughing Fool skin was made specifically for last year’s Black Friday sale, so it’s only fitting that it’s returned this year.

The Laughing Fool cosmetic is part of the Jester Bundle, which contains the matching Harlequin Flatline skin. Players can get both cosmetics for 2,500 Apex Coins.

The Black Friday sale also has a series of skins from Apex‘s first season in the Legendary Hunt bundle. Players can get 10 skins from season one for 6,000 Apex Coins.

The Black Friday sale segues into the Holo-Day Bash, which runs between Dec. 1 and Jan. 4. The event will bring several sets of offerings to the store, including new and returning cosmetics from last year. The two back-to-back sales will give players six weeks’ worth of new and returning skins in the item store.