Apex Legends account progression bug now fixed on live servers

Players affected by the bug have since had their accounts restored.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

In case you had your Apex Legends account wiped clean following the 1.1 Patch today—don’t worry. Respawn Entertainment has since fixed the issue and restored accounts’ cosmetics and level progression to their original state prior to the game’s update.

After the latest Apex Legends patch released earlier today, many players reported their accounts had been stripped of any level progression or cosmetics.  Likewise, battle passes and any rewards earned had been removed.

According to a developer update, when the 1.1 Apex Legends patch went live this morning, many players were moved to the wrong servers in the process, causing them to lose their account progression and cosmetics they had received prior the patch’s release.

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Respawn Entertainment has since resolved the issue after shutting down all live servers and moving affected accounts away from the wrong servers. Everything players had earned up until the release of the 1.1 Patch, including level progression and purchases, has been restored.

Purchases and level progression made between the patch’s release and the bug’s fix will be reverted. Likewise, any currency purchased in the same time frame will be returned to its original state regardless of if it was spent.

Today’s patch brought new quality-of-life UI changes, including a mute button on the Legend selection screen, as well as a way for players to invite members from their most recent squad to their lobby.