The Apex Legends 1.1 update and patch notes are now live

The highlight of the update is the major bug it has caused.

Apex Legends looting strats
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends got an update this morning. The patch notes for 1.1 have already dropped, and Respawn has detailed everything that’s changed in the game and that players will notice the next time they play.

The update is small, with no changes to characters or the Apex map. Surprisingly, the highlight of the 1.1 patch is the huge bug it’s caused that has wiped the account progression of several players, deleting everything they had, from cosmetics to currency, and making their account reset to level one as if it was brand-new. Respawn is already working on this issue.

Apart from this major bug, what Respawn added to the game is a new feature that allows players to group up with the last squad they played with. The username of the players in your latest squad will appear on the left side of the lobby, and you’ll be able to invite them from there even if they’re not in your friends list. Players can disable this feature if they want to ignore invites from other players.

Respawn has also implemented new “behind-the-scenes” improvements “for squashing cheaters,” but it didn’t provide further details about it. Other improvements regarding general game stability and crash reports have been implemented, and they should allow games to crash less often or give Respawn more information when they do.

Some other minor interactions were fixed, such as players being unable to use an Octane trap if they’re using the ability Into the Void.

For a full list of changes for the 1.1 Apex Legends patch, check out the patch notes on Reddit.