Apex leaks point to increased account level cap in the ‘near future’

Could we see just the second level cap raise in the game's history soon?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

After years of speculation and more than a few leaks, it appears Respawn Entertainment might finally increase Apex Legends’ account level cap. The potential change, which would see the battle royale raise the level cap to 700, has been one of the most frequently requested adjustments from the community over the last year.

There have been plenty of rumors and leaks in the past about a level cap increase, especially after Respawn conducted a Reddit AMA following the release of season 10 in 2021, where the developer directly addressed the level cap issue. The devs said they were working on a solution to many players already reaching the level cap of 500 and not being incentivized to play the game’s unranked modes because of it. Now, it looks like there’s finally movement on that topic.

There are now badges for reaching levels in the 600s and level 700 in the game’s files, according to SomeoneWhoLeaks, a well-known leaker in the Apex community. The design of the account level badge has changed every time a player reaches the next hundred in the past, so the presence of new designs for the level badge lends veracity to SomeoneWhoLeaks’ claims that the level cap will be raised soon.

Update June 21 2:34pm CT: Another well-known Apex leaker, HYPERMYST, has corroborated SomeoneWhoLeaks’ claims by showing players what the presumed 600-level badges will look like as players progress.

Apex hasn’t seen a raise in the game’s level cap since late 2019, when the maximum account level players could reach was raised from 100 to 500. While players that reach max level still “level up,” they can only gain more and more Legend Tokens with each level up, and no longer receive Apex Packs from leveling up. The game’s system by which players are guaranteed to unlock Heirloom Shards by the time they open their 500th pack is a big goal that players grind for, and many players who have reached level 500 over the past couple years are left with little choice but to spend money on packs and in collection events if they hope to unlock another Heirloom after their first.

While this leak appears a bit more trustworthy than leaks in the past, players counting on this level cap raise should be wary. There have been rumors of the level cap being raised fairly frequently over the last year, and it still hasn’t happened.


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