Apex fans brainstorm buffs for Pathfinder’s passive

What if he could move faster on ziplines?

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Image via Respawn Entertainment

A discussion on Reddit has erupted over some potential buffs for Pathfinder’s passive in Apex Legends.

Reddit user Elloegg kicked off the brainstorming session with the simple question, “If Pathfinder had a passive, what would it be?” Pathfinder does technically have a passive: Insider Knowledge, which reduces the cooldown of his Zipline Gun ultimate by 10 seconds each time he scans a survey beacon. Scanning a beacon also instantly charges Zipline Gun, similar to Wattson’s Spark of Genius passive and Ultimate Accelerants. Since all recon legends can scan survey beacons, some players believe Pathfinder deserves an upgrade.

The suggestions ranged from simple adjustments to completely new ideas. Smaller ideas included a zoom-in ability that would allow Pathfinder to view distances more closely without needing a scope, as well as being able to move more quickly on ziplines than other legends. One commenter suggested that he should be able to pull death boxes with his grapple, while another said that he should be able to heal while riding on a zipline. One commenter even said that Pathfinder could remove ziplines that he’s placed on the battlefield, removing a potential mobility asset for enemies.

Alongside the serious suggestions, there were plenty of silly ones. One person said that his passive should be curing depression, to which someone else responded, “he already does that.” Others said that he should have the ability to “make friends” and “boost team morale,” which, honestly, he already does.

The developers haven’t chimed in on any of these suggestions, so it remains to be seen whether Apex’s friendliest competitor will get the power boost many believe he needs.