Apex fan shows off clever Olympus rotation requiring a Trident, Mad Maggie, and a leap of faith

Sometimes surviving needs some creative measures.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Driving off the map with a Trident is something most Apex Legends players usually try to avoid while cruising around in the Outlands. One player, however, found a way to turn the unfortunate incident of falling off the map in their team’s favor. 

An Apex fan posted a clip on Reddit, showcasing a sneaky rotation on Olympus that utilizes the animation which follows after a Trident has been driven out of bounds. Instead of driving through Terminal, the new POI that connects the area next to Solar Array to Hammond Labs, the player takes their Trident confidently outside the map with a plan.

The falling Trident ejects the player high up to the sky, high enough to reach the top of the Phase Runner that’s blocking the way to Hammond Labs. The 15-second out-of-bounds timer starts ticking, but that’s not a problem for the Mad Maggie player, who throws their ultimate across the Phase Runner, leaving plenty of speed boosts behind for players to utilize. 

With still five seconds left in the timer, they make it across the Phase Runner and land right outside of Hammond labs, avoiding ring damage and chokepoints, where they could potentially be held off by an opposing team.

This rotation trick might come in handy for Apex players, especially after the jump towers on both sides of the Phase Runner were removed in season 12. While the easiest way to get to the other side might be a Valkyrie ultimate or simply walking through Terminal, it’s good to have a few tricks up your sleeve in case you ever have to get out in a pinch.