Apex fan reveals cool grapple trick with Pathfinder

"It's fun to zipline. You should try it."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Knowing every single mechanic in a game can come in handy in intense situations. With 12 playable characters in Apex, the possibilities may seem limited since League of Legends has more than 140 champions and almost four times as many abilities.

That doesn’t prevent players from finding new interactions to expand their arsenals, however. One Apex fan recently shared a Pathfinder trick that will surely make people think twice before hopping onto a zipline. It only makes sense that Pathfinder can ruin anyone’s ziplining experience since he can also set them up.

If you time Pathfinder’s grapple just right, it disrupts and hooks players who are crossing a zipline. It may seem easy at first glance but knowing the projectile speed of the grapple and also calculating the movement speed of the enemy player are essential to perform this trick. Once you start shooting them down as soon as the grapple connects, there’s only so much they can do.

Since the trick is new, most players won’t be able to react to it. But that may change sooner than you think since more people will likely learn about the gimmick each day. Just prepare for the bullets that may rain down upon you right after you hook a player.

Moments like these make Apex players wish there was a killcam system within the game considering learning from your deaths is an important part of improving in any FPS game.