Apex fan designs system to reward good teammates and curb match abandonment

You leave, you lose.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

You’re the Jumpmaster. As you carefully consider which places to land, you don’t notice that your teammate, aptly named “TTV-wraith,” dropped solo and landed alongside six enemy squads on the other side of the map. There’s not much to do while their map indicator drifts away from the rest of the team. And by the time the other players have landed and found a weapon, the solo-dropper has already died and disconnected, leaving you at a disadvantage from the get-go.

This is a common scenario in Apex Legends and one that justifiably angers a significant part of the community. But an Apex player designed an idea that could possibly curb those scenarios and reward team play.

The concept is a series of good teammate rewards. An exclusive reward track, similar to the ones in collection events and the battle pass, could give players a handful of perks for being a considerate, cooperative teammate.

The rewards could include XP boosts, weapon charms, and skins for both legends and weapons. “The progression increases with each good action and can be boosted by teammates that you thought were exceptionally nice,” the concept reads.

But the rewards wouldn’t be entirely easy to farm. Abandoning matches would reset players’ progress alongside the track and each ranked split would bring out new prizes and cosmetics only accessible to good teammates. The dynamic flow of rewards would create constant incentives to have players on their best behavior.

Apex doesn’t have any way to reward good teammates. Overwatch, for instance, added the endorsement system in 2018 that favors teamwork without directly punishing selfishness. The system lets players hand out endorsements to anyone who isn’t on their friends list once a match ends and gives each player an “endorsement level.” The higher the level, the more loot boxes you get periodically.