Apex fan creates short cinematic highlighting Pathfinder’s origin story

The poor robot just wants to meet his creator.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends features a diverse lineup of characters with unique and exciting backstories. One fan by the name of tenpindan shared their take on Pathfinder, a friendly robot simply looking for his creator, with a short cinematic trailer today. 

Tenpindan created the short, which starts with Pathfinder waking up in an abandoned warehouse alone with only a short note from his creator wishing him luck. Pathfinder sets off to find his mysterious creator by joining the Apex Games to hopefully grab their attention. 

Pathfinder interacts with Wattson and Octane in a dropship who have no information about his creator, but they are entertained by the unique robot. Pathfinder continues to ask other legends on the battlefield if they have any information on his origins, but he is still lost despite becoming a champion. 

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Pathfinder eventually encounters Revenant, a former assassin out for revenge on those responsible for turning him into a robotic monster, and Pathfinder offers him friendship in hopes of finding more information about his creator. 

The short video is not officially canon but does highlight the main points of Pathfinder’s origin story. It is unclear if Revenant can help him discover his past, but it is a possibility. The Apex Legends community enjoyed the short video, and a Respawn developer even commented on the video to express their support. 

Pathfinder’s story will likely be explained in the future, but this short video is an excellent option for Apex fans to enjoy in the meantime.