Apex fan creates Gibraltar Gladiator skin concept

The new concept adds a fresh look for Gibraltar.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends fan shared today a Gibraltar Gladiator skin concept that gives the defense character a golden suit of armor and matching shield. 

The skin’s armor covers his legs, torso, and left arm. His head is also fully covered with a golden helmet, and his shoulders are protected by a golden bar with spikes. 

Gibraltar’s shield features the same color scheme as his outfit. It boasts a lion with a scar over its eye that matches the lion on Gibraltar’s belt.

Other players compared the skin to Bloodhound’s The Centurion skin because of the similar aesthetic. Many supported the idea of all legends receiving gladiator-themed skins as the Apex Games are similar to classic gladiator matches. 

Each character could receive a unique concept based on the gladiator idea, and some players have already expressed ideas for other characters, like Wraith and Loba receiving goddess skins. A new gladiator-themed event would also likely be popular and well received.