Apex fan creates flying fortress using Crypto’s drone

Check out this new drone-dome strategy.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ season three launched earlier in the week, introducing the battle royale’s newest playable character, Crypto. Since the season’s release, fans have discovered new ways to play the Surveillance Expert. But one player has taken Crypto’s drone to the next level by turning it into a moving fortress.

In the clip posted by Reddit user PurestVideos, a Gibraltar is shown throwing his Dome of Protection on top of a drone from an allied Crypto. The aerial drone then flies away with the shield positioned safely on top of the robot, creating a flying fortress for anyone inside the dome’s radius.

This new dome-drone strategy isn’t the only way players can interact with the aerial drone. Earlier in the week, one Apex fan discovered Pathfinder can grapple to the drone and swing himself skyward. The drone’s hitbox is tiny, so the move would surely be difficult to pull off in the heat of a firefight. But if a player managed to execute the grapple correctly, the combo could be lifesaving.

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Crypto’s entire kit revolves around his tactical ability, which sends out a drone to watch a surrounding area. The drone gives allies crucial information regarding enemy locations and can even pick up banners from fallen teammates. Opponents who are located by the drone are highlighted in a bright orange outline that can be seen through walls, giving allies an overview of the fight.

Earlier in the week, Crypto arrived on live servers with the release of season three. Each Apex season lasts for three months, so fans of the battle royale can expect Meltdown to run through the end of the year.