Apex fan creates concept for a pirate ship mode

Storm an enemy spaceship and melee your way to victory.

Image via EA.

Weigh anchors and get your sea legs ready. An Apex Legends fan shared their concept for a new limited-time mode, and it’s inspired by the close-up brawler style of naval battles.

In the fan-made game mode, players need to board an enemy ship and eliminate the competition without using any guns. The mode consists of two supply ships floating over a sea of lava. Each team is stationed on a spaceship, and players can cross using jump pads or through mobility skills such as Pathfinder’s zip line and Wraith’s portals.

Like in Apex‘s latest Winter Express game mode, the first team to capture the ship by defeating their opponents wins a round, and the first to reach three wins is the champion.

Guns aren’t allowed aboard the pirate ships, and players must only use melee attacks, frag grenades, or thermites. Each legend carries blue shields and six shield cells for extra survivability. Knockdown mechanics are disabled in the mode; being incapacitated results in instant death. Players who miss the jump between ships will fall into the lava and die instantly. Teams can have a maximum of two of each legend.

The Apex community shared their input on the idea on its Reddit post. Users suggested that instead of having no guns, players could be armed with a single-shot version of the Mozambique or the Wingman, to simulate flintlock pistols. The Mozambiques could be armed with Hammerpoint Rounds as a hopup to increase its damage to unshielded targets.

Apex’s holiday-themed event, the Holo-Day Bash, introduced the Winter Express LTM. Players must fight to capture a moving train or to eliminate their rivals. The first team to reach three capture points is the champion. Winter Express is live until Jan. 7 when the Holo-Day Bash event wraps up.