Apex data miner teases Aftermarket collection event and “Campfire” limited-time mode for season 6

Complete with a Caustic heirloom.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ next event could be on the way with major surprises. Fans may get a new collection, another limited-time mode, and Caustic’s heirloom—at least according to data-mined information.

The Aftermarket collection event could have its own series of cosmetics and bring in the long-rumored campfire limited-time mode, according to Shrugtal, one of Apex‘s most well-known data miners. The event could also reach the servers as soon as early-to-mid September.

Shrugtal found code strings that mention an Aftermarket collection event, complete with a series of limited-time cosmetics. The code also shows that fans who acquire all items in the collection will gain Caustic’s heirloom set for free—possibly alongside Bangalore.

The files also show more information about the rumored “Campfire” mode. Data miners uncovered information about the LTM over the course of season five, but the latest patch brought a series of new details.

The new limited-time mode will follow a new set of rules. The ring is always moving, like in the Always Be Closing game mode, and no healing items will spawn on the ground, according to Shrugtal’s findings. Instead, players must find Flash Points, modified Respawn beacons that will heal a squad over time.

Players will also reportedly acquire badges over the course of the event by dealing damage or killing enemies while they’re inside the marked Flash Point radius.

Although Apex‘s usual schedule has an event around the six-week mark, Shrugtal believes that the Aftermarket collection event could come earlier than normal. The store rotation shows that there are only three weeks until the major patch and the data miner believes that the event could come as soon as Sept. 8.

The event launching earlier than usual could point toward the speculation of another event over the course of season six. Data miners uncovered mentions to Bangalore’s heirloom and Biast12 thinks that Respawn will release two heirlooms in one season. The two sets “wouldn’t have been in the files this early if it was for season 7,” he said.

Although data-mined information is usually accurate, Respawn hasn’t officially confirmed the Aftermarket event or the upcoming heirloom sets. Data-mined information reflects the state of the game files and is subject to changes, delays, or cancellations.