Apex data miner suggests season 7 could be coming on Nov. 4

Time to grind out the battle pass.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ next season might be just two weeks away. Data miner Shrugtal teased that the upcoming season will launch on the night of Nov. 4—just one day after the battle royale’s Halloween event ends.

Shrugtal shared a snippet of game code categorized as “season start/end datetime overrides,” which shows that the new season is scheduled to launch at 10pm CT on Nov. 4. Apex‘s seasons usually release in the first half of the month, but Respawn’s usual schedule pointed toward a mid-November launch. Season seven was pushed forward by a week, according to Shrugtal.

This potential release date is just one day after Apex‘s Halloween event, Fight or Fright, which runs from Oct. 22 to Nov. 3. Respawn has been shifting its schedule around, though. Instead of dropping new seasons on the usual Tuesdays or Thursdays, the studio has advanced the release date of seasons six and seven by a few hours to Monday and Wednesday evenings as a way to reduce server load.

Apex‘s next season is supposed to bring in several new features, including the likely new legend, Horizon. The character showed up in a series of videos in the Firing Range and tasks players with completing a set of challenges to earn a badge, gun charm, and Challenge Points.

The upcoming season is bound to feature a quest, a staple of the battle royale since its fifth season. During Fortune’s Favor, players dove into the storyline between Loba and Revenant with The Broken Ghost, while the latest assignment unveiled comic book pages about Rampart, Mirage, Pathfinder, and his girl-friend Ash.

Respawn hasn’t confirmed an official start date for Apex season seven yet.