Apex content creator maps hitboxes for each character, shows flaws with Octane and Revenant

He also explained why it’s so hard to target Wraiths.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Hitboxes have long been a controversy in Apex Legends, but a content creator may have solved the matter once and for all. Community figure The Gaming Merchant compiled the hitbox size for each character in Apex, down to the last pixel.

The Gaming Merchant found that Gibraltar’s hitbox is the largest when standing still with 203,396 pixels. Wraith’s, on the other hand, is the smallest with just 95,997 pixels. Octane’s hitbox is also problematic, he mentioned, with an area that expands significantly past the character model.

His calculations don’t only account for sheer hitbox size. The content creator also tweaked his model to include passive skills such as Fortified and Low-Profile, which change how much damage is received. Gibraltar still takes the top spot for the worst hitbox and Wraith is still the hardest to hit. The calculations place Revenant, Mirage, and Bloodhound in the bottom five, however, just short of Gibraltar and Caustic. The first two characters have the Fortified perk, which mitigates incoming damage by 10 percent.

Animations can also play a significant role in how easy it is to aim at certain characters. The Gaming Merchant designed a separate ranking to consider animations when ranking legends. According to that map, Revenant is the easiest target to hit, surpassing tanks such as Gibraltar and Caustic. Wraith maintains her title as the hardest character to take shots at, followed by Pathfinder.

Gibraltar and Caustic unsurprisingly take the title of biggest hitboxes in the game in most matchups and Wraith is the undisputed queen of dodging bullets. Pathfinder is also surprisingly hard to hit for his size—his hitbox is more forgiving than Lifeline’s or Wattson’s.

The findings also point toward discrepancies with some hitboxes. Octane’s expands far beyond his character model, making more of a pill-shaped area than an actual humanoid. The enlarged target makes it particularly easy to hit headshots on him, which deal increased damage. Players can aim directly above the adrenaline junkie’s head and still score a critical hit. The Gaming Merchant revealed Octane’s hitbox issues last night.

But Octane isn’t the only sitting duck in the Apex Games. Revenant is also surprisingly easy-to-hit, especially when accounting for his animations. Although his hitbox follows his character model, its size is particularly detrimental to the character—especially when coupled with the Low Profile passive, which boosts incoming damage by five percent. The Gaming Merchant detailed all the inconsistencies with his hitbox in a video.

Apex designed certain passive skills, such as Low Profile and Fortified, to balance the game according to discrepancies with hitbox size. But The Gaming Merchant’s findings show that Revenant has the third biggest hitbox when standing still and is the easiest target when accounting for animations—characteristics that are incompatible with Low Profile.