Apex Legends data miner discovers inaccuracy with Octane’s head hitbox

That’s not fair, amigo.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

If Octane fans weren’t frustrated enough by the legend’s mediocre position in the season four meta, a hitbox issue may add more fuel to the fire.

Apex Legends data miner The Gaming Merchant discovered an inconsistency with Octane’s hitbox today. It appears the Adrenaline Junkie takes headshot damage from bullets that are fired above his head, even if they don’t hit.

“Octane has some hitbox issues above his head and around his chest, but in terms of the overall hitbox, Octane is still on the lower end of things in terms of hitbox size,” The Gaming Merchant told Dot Esports. “I’d say he sits in between Mirage and Bangalore, but there’s clearly an issue with his head hitbox, which is a big problem because, of course, headshots do more damage.”

Despite Octane having a smaller hitbox than champions like Gibraltar or Caustic, the inaccuracy can still potentially be game breaking. This hitbox issue is problematic since enemies can get away with headshots that are inaccurate and forgiving.

If this continues to be an issue in competitive matchmaking, Respawn devs will likely fix it in a future patch.

The Gaming Merchant will release a full video tomorrow comparing various legends’ hitboxes on his YouTube channel.