Apex bug mysteriously gives player 7,000 Apex coins

The coins appeared in his inventory following a connection loss.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ currency, Apex coins, is only obtainable with money. But a bug may provide an exception to that rule.

A player reported randomly receiving 7,000 Apex coins after being disconnected yesterday on Reddit. This sum is approximately equivalent to $60.

The player found out that he was accidentally gifted 7,000 Apex coins following a disconnect. A friend of his, who was playing on the same network, received a smaller sum of 2,150 coins, equivalent to $20. Both were sharing a network and playing on Xbox One.

The Apex community has been trying to get to the bottom of the issue. Some players have even shared similar stories of this bug.

Though the causes of the error still aren’t completely clear, playing with two different accounts logged into the same internet connection seems to be a recurring theme.

Users suspect that being disconnected while using more than one account on the same network may fool the game into mistaking the accounts’ identities. The system notices a “missing” amount of Apex coins from past purchases and refunds them to the wrong player.

The Reddit post triggered a multitude of reports of the bug with varying amounts. Some players claimed they received amounts as high as 75,000 coins. A user resurrected a nine-month-old post about the glitch, in which a player received over 42,000 Apex coins. They were told to “enjoy the game and use these coins to purchase packs in the game” after reaching out to EA Support.