Apex bug makes heirlooms deal less damage to Rampart’s amped walls

Too Much Witt, too little damage.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Rampart’s walls in Apex Legends can serve as a tool to fortify a position and fend off enemies, especially if they have an heirloom set.

Players spotted a bug that causes melee attacks with heirlooms to deal considerably less damage to Rampart’s Amped Cover than normal punches.

Players shared footage of the bug in action earlier today. The video shows an Octane armed with his signature butterfly knife punching one of Rampart’s amped walls 14 times before it breaks. After switching to Caustic, however, the amped wall goes down in just two hits.

The bug reportedly happens with other heirlooms, with a series of players successfully replicating the results with the melee weapons equipped. Not using an heirloom, however, will shatter the amped cover in just two hits, as intended.

Players suggested that the bug could originate from heirloom sets’ behavior. Each melee weapon counts as a unique weapon in the melee spot and it’s likely that the melee damage multiplier against Rampart’s walls isn’t applied to heirlooms.

In the video, Octane’s heirloom took 14 hits before breaking down the cover. The 30 damage per hit would place the total damage just above 400 health, the necessary amount to completely take down an amped cover with other means. Without any heirlooms, however, the calculations appear to work as normal.

Although breaking down Rampart’s amped cover is quicker with melee attacks, it’s also a considerably riskier tactic. Players are helpless when punching the walls, making them an easy target against the boosted damage. The unorthodox strategy can pay off in certain circumstances, however, when the walls are left unguarded.