Apex bug made an Octane respawn as Gibraltar

It wasn’t just a new battle pass skin.

If you ever wished your teammates picked different characters at the start of the match, then Apex Legends’ new bug is for you.

A video posted on Reddit shows an Octane that respawned as a Gibraltar during a match.

In the video, a Bangalore tried to bring the rest of her squad back to the fray by using a respawn beacon. When the characters were loaded into the dropship to jump into the map again, the Octane turned into a Gibraltar, complete with the legend’s kit and abilities.

A Reddit user suggested that it might be an accidental byproduct of the introduction of Apex’s firing range with the latest patch. “In firing range you can change character in between action,” they said. “This same feature might have migrated to actual game.”

The bug also inspired users to suggest a special mode for Apex in which players would respawn as different legends, in the form of a hero gauntlet, to add some variety into the game.

The firing range, which could have been the source of the bug, was introduced by Apex‘s patch 3.1. The update also premiered a limited-time Duos mode, which puts players in teams of two instead of the usual three-man squad format. The mode is available until Nov. 19.

Respawn Entertainment has consistently made an effort to bring new content to the battle royale over its three battle pass seasons — each accompanied by a new legend and new armaments. The studio’s attempts to create a dynamic environment helped Apex reach 70 million players. The milestone signals the battle royale continued growth, but still not comparable to its prime.